Show at Little Berlin Aug 4th

Little Strike @Little Berlin Drum Freakout


Here’s a video of Peter English and I drumming big strikes to the song Meaningful Arrangement.

//Challenge: If there’s anything more drummy and enjoyable, i urge you to write it on a piece of paper, hang it on your fridge, and do it every single day. Go get em !//

The show at Little Berlin this past Monday was a real festival of smiles – I had a blast ! The set was solid, though I wish I did a thorough sound check, because the levels were somewhat off. So it goes.

I’ve been projecting videos that i shot and edited onto my body, and I’m glad to report they looked particularly sharp that evening —  I was proud of the babies, they were on their best behavior. Good job, kids !

In summation: I like it when we have fun in public. Come back and see me ok?

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I'm a world electronic folk musician. Born in the middle east, based in Philadelphia. I love evoking and hunting for meaning. and smiles.

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