Pre-Order “beyond things”

Pre-Order “beyond things”





Package Includes:


  • Secret Zine with esoteric Little Strike style writing

  • Surprise item! Either shirt, book or patch


The record will be shipped late octorber, you should expect to receive it early November. 


About ~beyond things~

After my year in China I came back to the US with an immense feeling of gratitude. It wasn’t an easy year to say the least, but it lead me to some interesting conclusions, one of which was : how lucky I am to have any form of sonic freedom. In Chongqing I lived in an apartment building  on the 29th floor in a sea of apartment buildings, there were thousands of people around me at all times — needless to say there was little space for music. After a bizarre stomach virus that left me delirious and wretchedly playing classical guitar for days on end (the sounds were horrid I imagine, but I still felt like Sade), I had the realization that music has been keeping me safe for my whole life.

When my stomach hurt so bad I broke out in a fever and was curled up in a ball I was still humming a Magnetic Fields song.

When I learned of  the murder of Michael Brown, feeling helpless and far I turned to writing because, I realize, it is my vocation. Music makes me feel connected.

My writing on this album is personal, naturally, but to me music is another way to talk to people. Many of these songs are gifts… sometimes they are pleas or requests.  Besides, is nature a thing? Nature is a big theme in this album as I infused field recordings from my travels. And so these songs are my collage of moments, gifts, ideas, wishes — something to share beyond the realm of things. Like a whisper. Or a wink.

All love,




This is the tentative design — please keep in mind it may change.

Shout out to my collaborators / support: Peter English, Ruben Gallego, Koof Ibi Umoren, Shakoor Hakeem, Josh Pannepacker.


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