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~music feels like the universal soul and my vocation is exploration~

Hello my esteemed mangosteens,
Through all the wackness, here we are locking eyes again. I’m sorry that it’s been 3 seasons since I’ve pressed I’ve written here. Frankly I went through some health & home issues that made me question my voice. I’m feeling a bit better now in some regards (bye mold byee) and so:

Typing these words with a warm ancient smile, I can finally declare that:

I finished my EP !!!

My whole heart went into this process, from making and conceptualizing the visual art (art school nerd instincts beaming), to creating and recording the songs over the past 4 years.  I essentially poured my chunky soul into a juicer — here’s a little info about the juice itself:

The record is called ~beyond things~  and with the recommendation of close friends I decided to create a physical, vinyl record.!

I’ve made pre-orders available here

Transparency is healthy: Vinyl is quite pricey it turns out, so pre-orders help me facilitate production costs. This is why y’all are getting the gold treatment from me. Click here to learn of the many perks.

I’m going all out for you, pre-order angels, because you’re the water to my gardenias.

Digitally the record will be out early November via Paxico Records. !

What to expect:  

Field recordings of car alarms, people talking on a train in Ecuador, Amazonian jungle birds (think river, not Bezos), a song about love and death, unabashed vulnerability, a little bit of Wolof, no expectations, kids in the park in ramat gan, voice samples of my dad, coincidences, and mantras about trying.

Lil essay at the bottom about it.
(AKA little strike AKA Alien grandma bear)

The Performer: Part 11
beyond things

“He or she that learns how to die unlearns slavery” Cornel West

To me the idea of beyond things means facing and thinking about my death while I’m alive.
Some of you have had near-death experiences, and some of you have had intensely traumatic / potent events. These experiences likely forced you into making major changes in your lives. I see this as a form of rebirth.

Remember that line in Bob Marley’s Redemption Song that goes “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery,” because “None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Well the next line is “Have no fear for atomic energy ‘Cause none of them can stop the time.”

As an adult I always saw this as Bob’s way of saying “hey kid, don’t be afraid to die. Time is an illusion and your enslavement is tied to your fear of your own mortality. You’ll be back, you’ve never left.”

I think about this a lot: the fear of death dictating my actions, our actions. I read once that some Africans that were abducted during the slave trade ran straight into the ocean when the ships arrived. Many also took their own lives during the journey itself. You see some of the cultures in that region believe that time is cyclical, and so enduring a life of bondage seemed horrifying in comparison with death. Death was their peace, and their future via death seemed brighter than life did. Were they afraid to die? I think about this story often.

Beyond things to me is a side glance at nature. Hey nature, how much are we a part of each other? If i’m here now, as an evolution of something else, have I always been here? How do I return and will you take me back??

Y’all I have given less and less fux about *many material goods in the past few years to the point where I got giddy and weirdly euphoric when I had to throw away 37% of my belongings earlier this year (due to mold). I was in a weird sad happy fever. Beyond things means rethinking the importance of a spatula in my life. I mean, it’s helpful, but is it important??

Is a spatula a part of nature? Please reply with your thoughts. I’m conducting science. Thank you.

* ok not my instruments, I’m a softy after all !

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