Love Letter #12- Release & Interview Yourself

Hello my papayas,
You know, if I was granted an earth-based wish, I’d wish for every organism to experience energizing rest at the same exact time. Can you imagine the stillness of everything sleeping together? And then slowly everything waking up together, yawning, a couple stretches here and then, sharing a dream .  .  .
Y’all I hope you’re feeling restful despite the world — an honorable challenge. Three items on the virtual table for you:

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2. Philly, you’re invited to my joint album release show !
With homies: Interminable Destiny X
Nov 16th, at Creep Records. It’s an early show 6:30-10pm. It’s a party. $10.
Tickets  & Details

Food, raffle, weird tamar-esque items like tumeric tea. Look, it’s my first fully curated show and I’m diving. Would be an honor to dive together.
MYSTERY GIFT ALERT: if you bring any soaps, sanitary pads & winter coats to be donated, you will be given a ~mystery gift~

3. I’m still accepting pre-orders HERE for the limited edition aqua green vinyl friendo:

As usual there’s a small essay down below: an interview I did with myself. Barely found the time (which is a fact masquerading as a joke).

Please be good to yourself so you may rest with ease & cool,
Just & only love,


The Performer Part 12:
Interview Yourself

I can’t quantify how much time I put into thinking and making and musicing, it’s not a number it’s an asymptote that reaches infinity.  I spent 4 years on my EP and now I’m getting ready to share it. There’s an incredible video coming (because I have genius friends) and lots of little evoker art that I’ve created, too. I have no regrets whatsoever, but I do have questions.

What does it all mean: An interview with myself 

Do you feel supported by your (music) environment? Yes on a small, selective scale. Overall no, I feel an inner societal collapse coming.  Just sayin.

Do you want to share your music & why? Yes, I feel a vocational pull to make art in the hopes of finding myself in others and vice versa. Communion. Communication. Telling and preserving of history.  The uplift, the unveil, the exposé. I suspect that a shared intimacy ultimately promotes care.

Do you understand how to navigate the “business” side of music? Nah, that’s too heavy a claim. The industry is built on mystery and murkiness, by design. “True power lies in its ability to conceal itself”, said someone smarter than I.

Is it money, it is all money? No, it seems like it’s 94% money.

Are people interested in art? Hmm well people seem to want love above all. Many people are confused about love, how to get it, how to give it. This leads to confusion in regards to the consumption of art. Overall, yes people respond to the genuine.

What do you make of this:  

When Debord says that “All that was once directly lived has become mere representation,” he is referring to the central importance of the image in society. Images, Debord says, have replaced genuine human interaction. Images in the age of the spectacle. Our lives online are art projections curated by us. Our personalities > our character. The danger of the spectacle is alienation, the loss of any personal accountability, addiction, & reduction of deep critical thought. Look, I’m swiping down myself, I’m definitely addicted to the internet.

Do you feel ambivalence about sharing your art? Yes5,000. Yet I know the power of sound waves: they can heal and hypnotize, become mantras. Transform form.

Are you nervous about the release? I have a mixed bag of feels. I’m happy to have closure, to give those years of my life a musical stamp and gift them away. So ready. My struggle is with honoring this work publicly. What how when huh, etc

Do you want advice on how to share your music and wtf it all means ? yes please y’all, sprinkle that life wisdom.

Do the people around you seem satisfied? nearly never.

Are we in for a new beginning? is there any other way?

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I'm a world electronic folk musician. Born in the middle east, based in Philadelphia. I love evoking and hunting for meaning. and smiles.

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