Come Out Alright

Back in the states after a year of work and travel in china, I received an email from a close friend revealing that he had been doing heroin, and that I was the only person that he chose to tell. Struggling to find a solution to a nearly impossible problem — do you call the parents / Do you go to China? — I started writing “Come Out Alright”. The chorus is directly taken from the email I received.

He’s better now, not fighting alone.


Released May 18, 2016

Music and Lyrics: Little Strike

Produced: Tamar Dart & Peter English

Recorded at Pizza Studios, Philadelphia PA

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We first heard the eclectic, collaged sounds of “Come Out Alright” when she stopped by for a Key Studio Session last summer. It’s a song that feels immediately warm and friendly, with loose guitar strumming and tight drum machine beats anchoring Dart’s enchanting vocals.

– WXPN’s The Key

Forever Always Leaving

The first EP, “Forever Always Leaving”, was recorded in 2013, in a room with one woman, next to a bed. It is about reviewing one’s recent lifin’ experiences, out loud. There appears to be some dust on those books over there. Perhaps it’s time to move, again and again and forever.


Released: July 17th, 2014.

Tamar Dart: production, guitars, keys, percussion, vocals, art.

Nick Barnes: Mixing and Mastering engineer.

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“Imagine taking an upbeat, joyous celebration of youthful curiosity, drenching it in cold ocean water, then leaving it to cake comfortably in the sun. Now there’s sand everywhere — without a care in sight. Add nostalgia.”

– Life Magazine

“At first, what stands out are the vocals, reminiscent of other indie pop singers like Zee Avi and Yuni. Then the catchy beats start to come into play, especially on the title track. As the music goes on, lyrics reveal raw emotion, particularly on the vulnerable “If You Want to Fight” where she sings “I know I wasn’t born from love.”

The mood vacillates between bitterness of leaving and the sweetness of freedom. It’s delicate material, reflected in Dart’s intricate blend of electro-beats and lingering vocals. The album captures the melancholy of being young, especially with lyrics like “I can’t forget/ How cruel the standing air can get/I dare you to make this night end in.” Overall, the album is well-crafted electronic pop music, very worth checking out. Listen to the title track from Forever Always Leaving below.”

-Nuha Fariha, WXPN

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