Tamar Dart’s first known memory involves war: she was 3 and had to relocate because scud missiles were being launched at her home town. Consequently since an early age themes of civil unrest and war fused into her thoughts and art. In beyond things dark societal issues including addiction, the murder of Michael Brown, and drone strikes are contrasted and eased by concepts of rebirth, a universal connection, and a profound love spanning many generations — a love beyond things. beyond things is Dart’s attempt to heal herself out loud while inviting you to join her. She is urging the listener not to go at it alone – a lesson she is still learning.


released November 19, 2018 

Tamar Dart: vocals, guitars, piano, keyboards, found sound recordings, beats, percussion, production 
Koof Ibi Umoren – trumpet 
Peter English – bass, piano 
Ruben Gallego – Guitar, atmospheric percussion 
Shakoor Sanders – hand percussion 

Mixed & Mastered: Joel Gutman 
Produced by: Tamar Dart 
Come Out Alright: co produced with Tamar Dart & Peter English 
Whose side: co produced with Tamar Dart & Josh Pannepacker

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