Little Strike is the alias of Israeli musician / producer Tamar Dart, based currently in Philadelphia. With roots in folk, electronic, and world music, the project feels like a collage of eclectic beats, playful guitars, and pointed vocals. The listener is encouraged to go on a nostalgic walkabout around the world with lyrics in English, Hebrew, Spanish, French & Wolof, reflecting Dart’s deep love of languages and her own personal mixed heritage.  She has performed in various countries including Ecuador, Thailand, India and across the US. The live show features vocals, sampler, guitar, loops, bass, & Koof Ibi Umoren on flugelhorn and loops.


beyond things

Tamar Dart’s first known memory involves war: she was 3 and had to relocate because scud missiles were being launched at her home town. Consequently since an early age themes of civil unrest and war fused into her thoughts and art. In her latest release beyond things dark societal issues including addiction, the murder of Michael Brown, and drone strikes are contrasted and eased by concepts of rebirth, a universal connection, and a profound love spanning many generations — a love beyond things. beyond things is Dart’s attempt to heal herself out loud while inviting you to join her. She is urging the listener not to go at it alone – a lesson she is still learning.


Additional Bio

Disillusioned by the politically charged environment of Israel, Dart and her family decided to relocate to Miami when she was 15. After graduating with a BFA in multimedia arts, Dart traded the US for East Asia, where she traveled and worked in China, Thailand, and Nepal for a year. For Dart this trip exposed dual realities: one of brutal poverty and human suffering, and the other of the astounding resilience of both people and nature. This inspired purpose in Dart and pushed her to pursue music as a means of giving voice to these dualities: to pain and pleasure, to life and death. In turn her lyrics often act as hopeful mantras co-existing alongside a painful reality. 


With new determination she settled in Philadelphia in 2013 where she recorded and produced her first EP in her bedroom, called Forever Always Leaving. Her 2018 EP release, beyond things explores a desire to feel connected to love beyond death in a fragmented society. 



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