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homegrown little strike


homegrown little strike


In September I played music sounds  at a local vegetable garden. There were children there; one of the children tattooed my wrist with a jazz lizard. Rock ‘n roll runs deep in this garden community, and I, myself, am no dried plum. The show was a part of the Philly Homegrown Music Fest, a brand new endeavor aimed to support local music and local farms ! Peppers and beats, that’s plenty to gnaw on.

There were fun activities for kids happening, while I spent my mic time singing about that point when eternal pain becomes infinite pleasure. in Spanish.

I’m excited to see this thing grow with time. I believe every vegetable garden should have a voice, sometime in Spanish ! I’m excited to support anything that isn’t evil, and everything that promotes a sense of community. My year of 2012 was spent in a city of 14 million people: I know what it means to feel  d i s c o n n e c t e d. Begone, disconnect ! oh why hello there turnip…… give us a x



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I'm a world electronic folk musician. Born in the middle east, based in Philadelphia. I love evoking and hunting for meaning. and smiles.

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