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Little Strike Little BerlinLittle Strike @Little BerlinLittle Strike-4

Early October, @ Little Berlin, Philadelphia.

I started the show as a wave but quickly, evidently, I turned into a particle among an impressive line of similarly minded particles; Party Particles we called ourselves. Had a blast with my light homies as well as with the other bands, Supermagical and Ne-Hi. Thanks, light !

Now I’m working on a music video for my song If You Want to Fight. Editing should be done within 2 weeks, and along side the video i’ll make the song available for free download because sharing.

Share stuff forever. Be assured that if you share, things will come back to you. Strange things with thoughts and feelings and couches. yeahh

love you




homegrown little strike


homegrown little strike


In September I played music sounds  at a local vegetable garden. There were children there; one of the children tattooed my wrist with a jazz lizard. Rock ‘n roll runs deep in this garden community, and I, myself, am no dried plum. The show was a part of the Philly Homegrown Music Fest, a brand new endeavor aimed to support local music and local farms ! Peppers and beats, that’s plenty to gnaw on.

There were fun activities for kids happening, while I spent my mic time singing about that point when eternal pain becomes infinite pleasure. in Spanish.

I’m excited to see this thing grow with time. I believe every vegetable garden should have a voice, sometime in Spanish ! I’m excited to support anything that isn’t evil, and everything that promotes a sense of community. My year of 2012 was spent in a city of 14 million people: I know what it means to feel  d i s c o n n e c t e d. Begone, disconnect ! oh why hello there turnip…… give us a x



little strike Little Strike fracas

This past Friday I wore many eyeballs and played on the street at the Frankford Ave Fracas event. I sang a little Serge Gainsbourg and some Stromae. Spicy sauces, served.

I was representing FDV art collective, which is a group of artists that organize funky art events in Philly. Because, lifin’.

I will be playing an acoustic set for Home Grown Music Fest this Sat, Sep 13 at 4pm in Manton Street Community Garden, because I support everything that is green, local, and palatable. Neighborhood lettuce is on high alert ! watch it get got



Little Strike Rockers

Little Strike Rockers

Little Strike Rockers

beautiful photos by photographer / filmmaker D1L0

from ROCKERS fest, Aug 14th.
The fantastical drummer is Mr. Peter English, a true advocate of fun and a good lifer.

The bouquet of friends you collect should reflect your own personal tastes (sunflowers and pineapples). You should be proud and happy of your arrangement. I love my friends and feel lucky that i get to stare at my vase everyday. I aspire to meet everyone that is willing to share personal honesty and respect. and mad snacks.

Little Strike

Had a blast playing at Lava Space on Thurs, aug 14th ! The cross-genre, head banging, spirit tickling fest ROCKERS was in full swing, and I’m extremely grateful for being a part of this magic. So much energy in each performance, from hardcore to hip hop, and even spoken word !
Happy to report I was sick almost the whole weekend with a case of the smiles. Keep it up, Philly.

Happy Tuesday !